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New Intention Compound Stone Co.,Ltd to gang stone factory new introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and high technology, specializing in the production of high quality artificial stone. This product has the advantages of high density, bright color, good abrasion resistance, dimensional precision characteristics, by the authority of the state sector detection and identification, the products comply with the radiological protection standards for building materials.
"Sincere hospitality, quality" is our purpose, dedication to providing quality services to our customers!

New intent not just a stone brand, is also a kind attitude towards life and way of life reflect. New intention is advocated "the build honourable life" concept, represents a kind of honor,glory attitude of life and the status symbol, with the space for the carrier, present perfectly natural stone and ceramic composite whole advantage and reflect new intention to quality unremitting pursuit and professional achievements honourable costly space brand concept, convey product birn high temperament, unique space concept of honor.
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